Adam Schatz: The John Hammond of the Underground

I have begun to compare historical figures in music with those active today. In the world of live jazz music there are kingpin organizers such as George Wein and there are those working on the smaller scale. This is the story of the the latter. The goal, mission, and perspective of Adam Schatz. Adam created a non-profit back in 2007 called Search & Restore and successfully raised $75,000 this past December. The money will fund a video project and the launching of his website that will link musicians to one another alongside video footage he has already begun collecting. Another ambitious project, and the focus of the video below, is Spontaneous Construction. The series allows Adam to handpick his own quartets to close out the late night (12:30am) slot at The  Blue Note, New York every Friday night. He has rallied up an impressive array of musicians, consistently every weekend but there are many questions to be asked behind his goal of creating an “accessible music” in a historically  commercial night  club. Enjoy the story:


One response to “Adam Schatz: The John Hammond of the Underground

  1. Smaller Scale? Have you checked Abop tv?
    “NYC Living Museum of The Underground for the preservation of life’s precious natural resources…music, art, dance & poetry!
    dIG tHE muSiC… FRee yOur MiNd …
    Bringing the free-garde to your desktop commercial free since 2003”
    Pre-Youtube! has a single focus and has been offering viewers worldwide unrestricted selections of improvised music, poetry, dance and art since 2003. Our body of work to date shows that we are “tuned in to the scene”; Marshall Allen, Cecil Taylor, Sabir Mateen, Charles Gayle, Steve Dalachinsky, Fay Victor, Nioka Workman, Francois Grillot, Steve Swell, Yuko Otomo, Ken Filiano, Albey Balgochian…and many many more are available on our website. is the online destination for the new music, spoken word, dance and art being created in New York City and beyond. Presented with no pop-ups, no ads flashing, no tracking, no joining, no signing in, no instant messaging, there is simply an artistic experience, click, watch and enjoy.

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