Photography By: Alexander Ariff


Hiromi Live @ JAX Jazz Festival 2009

The Aaron Parks Trio (JAX Jazz Festival 2009)

Marcus Roberts (2010)

Alphonso Horne & John Diaz

Busker's By The Mississippi (2009)

Leon Anderson Jr. (B Sharps Jazz Cafe 2009)

Steve Wilson & Bill Peterson (B Sharps Jazz Cafe 2009)

Cannonball & Nat Adderley Grave Site (Tallahassee, FL 2009)

Barry Stephenson (B Sharps Jazz Cafe, 2010)

Walt Weiskopf & Jamison Ross (Florida State University, 2010)

Walter 'Wolfman' Washington (The Maple Leaf, New Orleans 2010)

Ed Peterson (Irvin Mayfeild's Playhouse, New Orleans 2010)

New Orleans Parade (2010)

Stephen Riley (Tallahassee, FL 2010)

Marcus Printup (Back Stage, Tallahassee, FL 2010)

Josh Redman (Chris' Jazz Cafe, 2010)

Josh Redman (Chris' Jazz Cafe, 2010)

Marco Benevento (Baltimore, MD 2009)

Ari Hoenig (Smalls Jazz Club, NYC 2009)

Orin Evans (Smalls Jazz Club, NYC 2009)

Kevin Arthur (Smalls Jazz Club, NYC 2009)

Nick Hempton (Smalls Jazz Club, June 2010)

Eli Degibri (Smalls Jazz Club, June 2010)

Gerald Clayton (Smalls Jazz Club, June 2010)

Matt Wilson (The Jazz Standard, May 2010)

Vijay Iyer, Robert Pinsky, Ben Allison (The Jazz Standard, May 2010)

David Binney and Nir Felder (Sullivan Hall, June 2010)

Steve Coleman (Sullivan Hall, June 2010)

Marcus Gilmore (Sullivan Hall, 2010)

Michael League, John Ellis, Ari Hoenig (LPR, June 2010)

Albey Balgochian and Jane Grenier (VisionFest, June 2010)

Matt Davis (Chris' Jazz Cafe, July 2010)

Steve Wilson (at his apt. in NYC, August 2010)

Robert Glasper and Zhenya Strigalev (City Winery, June 2010)

Jalleel Shaw (The City Winery, June 2010)

Chris Potter and Jeff 'Tain' Watts (The City Winery, June 2010)



David Amram (Cornelia Street Cafe, July 2010)

David Amram (Cornelia Street Cafe, July 2010)

Adam Birnbaum (Smalls Jazz Club, July 2010)

Kendrick Scott (Smalls Jazz Club, July 2010)

Frank Carlberg and Christine Corea (Park Slope, July 2010)

Alphonso Horne (B Sharps Jazz Cafe, April 2010)

Ricardo Pascal, Bill Peterson, Marcus Roberts (Florida State University, August 2010)


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