New York’s UnDead Jazz Festival – A Disgustingly Intimidating Line-Up

On June 12th and 13th 2010 boomBOOM Presents and Search & Restore unleash the Undead Jazz Festival on New York City.  Hot off the success of Winter Jazzfest,  these like-minded, ambitious concert presenters have revived the same two-day, many-artist, multi-venue formula.  For two Summer nights, one ticket will give jazz fans access to Le Poisson Rouge, Kenny’s Castaways, and Sullivan Hall — three clubs with distinctly different aesthetics, reputations and histories, and all uniting to celebrate the many identities of jazz being created today in New York City.  As founders/producers of Undead, Brice Rosenbloom and Adam Schatz are on a mission to shake the tired image of jazz as a music of the past, a historical footnote, and worst of all, expensive.  Jazz is a music of the people, and hinged on the exciting force of improvisation.  The music can take on so many vibrant forms, each bringing a listener to a new place of enjoyment, euphoria and overall sonic stimulation.  All of the 30+ groups participating in this festival bring improvisational personality, compositional agenda and unique ideas to the table.  They have been consciously united for these two nights to centralize the jazz adventures that occur on a nightly basis in New York, and bring it all to a climax at three Greenwich Village clubs within one block of each other.  Undead is as much a festival for the fans of jazz’s developing history, as it is for those who have always wanted to know more about the music but do not know where to start.  Whether or not you’ve heard of all or none of the 150+ musicians performing in the Undead Jazz Festival, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you’re there to let the music speed your pulse and blow your mind.

I decided to break down how I would map out each day at UnDead this upcoming weekend. Here’s how I would go about making some of the most difficult decisions in my recent life.


Uri Caine

7:40pm – The Uri Caine Ensemble @ Kenny’s Castaways

8:20pm – Dave Douglas & Keystone @ LPR

Ari Hoenig

11:40pm – Ari Hoenig/Tim Lefebvre/Jean-Michel Pilc Trio @ Kenny’s Castaways

12:40am – Fight The Big Bull @ Kenny’s Castaways

2am – Josh Roseman Unit @ Sullivan Hall


7pm – Electric Kulintang @ Sullivan Hall

Steve Coleman

8pm – Steve Coleman and Five Elements @ Sullivan Hall

Ben Allison

9:40pm – Dave King/Tim Berne/Craig Taborn Trio @ Kenny’s Castaways

10pm – Ben Allison Band @ Sullivan Hall

11:40pm – Happy Apple @ Kenny’s Castaways

12:20am – Michael League / John Ellis / Sam Barsh / Ari Hoenig @ LPR

1:20AM – David Weiss and Point of Departure @ LPR

I’ll be in attendance on Sunday so you can count on seeing me at the shows above.

For $25, I don’t know what else to say.


One response to “New York’s UnDead Jazz Festival – A Disgustingly Intimidating Line-Up

  1. This is good post, I will keep this in mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

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