The Making of “The Jazz/Poetry Connection in NYC”

Summer 2010 :

Based out of Philadelphia and New York City, I will examine the current state of jazz and poetry as one common entity. The work I will conduct will appear here on this blog in the form of recorded interviews, interview transcripts, summaries and photographs. By compiling the first collection of opinions by professionals on all sides of the jazz/poetry connection, this archive will allow new insight into the minds of these artists.

The clubs I intend on visiting are: “Smalls” , “The Bowery Poetry Club”, “Nuyurican”, “The Fat Cat” and various readings around New York City. Jazz musicians expected to speak: Steve Wilson, Ron Blake, Marcus Roberts, Stephen Riley, Spike Wilner and more… Poets expected to speak: Billy Collins, Bob Holman, Lee Kostrinsky, George Guida and more…


What connection have jazz and poetry lost since their West Village debut in the late 1950’s?

What is the direction for both jazz, poetry and their uniform stage presentation?

How has the institutionalization of  both jazz and poetry effected its practice in the clubs?

Is there a traditional renaissance on the rise? What does New York City have to say for itself in 2010?

Please stay tuned and check out the interviews over to the right under the “PAGES” tab

I will also be posting videos and audio files as the work progresses. Thanks!


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